Android 10: Operator Confirms The Final Release Date

Rumor has it that Android 10 will be made available on September 3rd. A Canadian operator unintentionally confirms this release date.

Although it has abandoned its sweet nicknames, the Android operating system continues its journey with such energy that we can feel the benefits of fast sugars from here. This tonicity!

While the last beta 6 was made available recently, we were only waiting for its official release.

The date of September 3 then appeared in Google’s service technicians, but this source is not necessarily the most stable.

September 3rd For Android 10, It’s Confirmed!

She is no longer the only one to point out this date. As we learn from Android Central, the Canadian operator Rogers has just offered its update release schedule, and this one contains Google Pixels, of course.

Therefore, we can confirm again that Android 10 will be released on September 3rd. Even the name “Q OS” used incorrectly on this table goes in this direction, it is likely that this date was known to the operator even before the final name was made official.

However, we will still be a little skeptical: without an even more reliable source, it would be difficult to eliminate any chance of Android 10 not being released on September 3, but on the other hand, we will be on the starting blocks by that date from now on.