Google Drive Now Allows You to View All Files Without A Connection on The Web

Google Drive on the web extends the modification of offline files to all document types. Until now, it was only possible to do this for Docs, Sildes and Sheets files.

Google has just announced that PDF, Microsoft Office, and other non-Google formats are now compatible for GSuite users.

Like Google’s Backup & Synchronization application for computers, saving files for offline viewing is possible with Google Drive on the web.

It was previously limited to Docs, Sheets and Slides documents, but in a note published on the G blog below, Google announces the extension of the functionality to Office documents and other non-Google formats.

Google Drive: GSuite Users Can Save All Types of Files for Offline Use

This new feature available in beta makes the offline experience on Google Drive more complete. Now, users can access all their important files on the web, even when they are offline, for example when travelling or when there are Internet access problems.

To access this beta, G Suite administrators must first enable Drive File Stream, as well as offline consultation on their domain.

For non-administrators, simply enable the feature in Google Drive settings, log in to Chrome with the account associated with the Google group registered in the beta and access Drive File Stream.

To mark non-Google files as available offline, right-click on a file and select “Make available offline”.

In addition to being limited for the moment to GSuite users, pending its extension for everyone in the coming months, offline access for all file types is only possible with the Google Chrome browser.