Google Maps Starts To Show Speed Limits

Google Maps displays speed limits directly on the map, reporting US users. For the moment, this new option, in development for several years, is reserved for a handful of American cities.

Remember: In 2016, Google was testing the integration of real-time speed limits on Google Maps with a tiny portion of users.

This is a new option borrowed from Waze, the GPS bought by Google in 2014 at a high price of $ 1.15 billion.

Google Maps Shows Speed Limits In The United States, Soon In Europe

More than two years after this first phase of testing, Google Maps now displays speed limits in several US cities: New York City, Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

Until recently, the option appeared only San Francisco Bay Area and Rio, the capital of Brazil, report our colleagues Android Police.

Speed ​​limitations appeared on both the Android app and the iOS app. This is not an update of the application but a change on the side of Google’s servers.

According to the media, these are indices pointing to the deployment of limitation on a larger scale. Google has not confirmed the news yet.

Last October, Google decided to reduce the availability of the option to parts of San Francisco Bay Area.

By its own admission, the firm offers speed limits only on roads with enough data on the current highway code.

That’s why the deployment of this new feature takes so long. Google must first make sure to display exact limitations. In some cities, the net giant has to deal with inaccurate data.

This option can be expected to be deployed primarily in major US cities. In a second time, Google Maps should display the limitations in Europe, starting with the most important cities.

As you can see, the limitations appear at the bottom left of the navigation interface.