Google Play Store APK: Download and Install The Latest Update on Android

Downloading the latest version of the Google Play Store is a guarantee to take advantage of the new features and improvements Google has made to its application store.

Here you will find the latest features of the Google Play Store in its new version, but also how to download and install the APK file.

This article will be regularly updated to bring you the latest version and explain what’s new on the Google Play Store.

On the program of this new APK of the Google Play Store, the many small additions and features found on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, 7.0 Nougat, 8.0 Oreo, and 9.0 Pie.

If you don’t want to wait for your device to update to the latest version of the Google Play Store, you will find below the APK file that you can download and install now.

For the most impatient, we suggest you the link and the procedure to follow to immediately benefit from the most recent version of the Google Play Store.

A little further down, discover the new features and small additional features that improve this latest version of the application.

Download and Install the Google Play Store APK 16.4.14

  • Download the Google Play APK file to your phone or tablet via the link below :

  • If you downloaded it from your computer, copy the file you just downloaded (it must be in downloads) to your phone using the USB cable
  • If you did it from your phone, go to the next step
  • If necessary, on your smartphone go to Settings > Applications, then check Unknown Sources to allow the installation of applications outside the Play Store
  • Use a good Android File Manager, then look for the file to run on your mobile
  • Once found, Press it to proceed with the installation

If you have problems, you can go to our tutorial to learn how to install or uninstall an APK file.

You have just downloaded the latest version of the Google Play Store and will be able to enjoy all its new features right now!

If you have any questions or difficulties, please feel free to ask them in the comments. For the list of new features, it’s just below.

The Latest News From The Google Play Store

The market for Google apps continues to improve, gaining in both ergonomics and simplicity, with an ever-smoother design that emphasizes color codes while maintaining the sobriety of a white and gray background.

The latest version does not bring many new features but a new interface. If it is not a global security enhancement of the Play Store, here are the latest updates that you will be able to enjoy by downloading the latest version.

Google Play Store Goes to Material Design

The latest update of the Google Play Store signals the arrival of Material Design. The App Store now features a predominance of white and a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, which consists of shortcuts for games, apps, movies,and books.

Download Data Without Waiting For Wi-Fi

The Google Play Store offers to download directly via the data without having to wait for the Wi-Fi when the latter has created a download waiting list. At the time of the packages with a lot of data, this new function could make sense.

It Is Now Possible to Share Paid Applications with Friends

Google finally makes it possible to share paid applications within the same family. And by family we mean it in the broad sense, i.e. a group of 6 people.

So it can be your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends, your girlfriend in short whoever you want, and in this group of 6 people, you can share paid applications now.

Google specifies that “users of a family group can purchase a single copy of a Product (except for transactions via an application and subscriptions, which cannot be shared), and share it with other family members belonging to that family group”.

If it could be that simple it would be too beautiful, indeed there are several constraints, already you will have to pay a family subscription to Google Play Music, it is 15 € per month.

The second is that the developer will decide whether or not his application is backward shareable, because from July 2 all new paid applications will be shareable.

In Case of Insufficient Space, The Play Store Offers Applications to Uninstall

Google has thought of us with a new option on the Play Store in its latest version. The latter takes the form of a popup when the alert about the lack of space appears.

So instead of letting us do all the work, the Play Store offers us a list of applications that can be deleted.

It includes the applications that are least commonly used, and they are ranked in descending order according to the space they occupy.

It also displays the space we need, this will allow to compare with the list and to delete only those that will release enough space, rather convenient and fast.

The Repayment Period is Extended to 48 Hours

Google has just extended the repayment period to 14 days in France, we explain how to take advantage of it, because this is done under certain conditions.

In fact the two-hour time limit remains, that is to say that under this time you can get a refund of the application unconditionally and immediately.

You have to go to the Account tab, then order history and get a refund for the game or app (this is also possible by going directly to the card of the game or app).

For the 14-day period, a request will have to be made to this address. Google specifies that the request will be processed in most cases within 15 minutes, but that it can take two business days.

You will then receive an email telling you whether or not you will be reimbursed (usually the answer will be positive). Google is probably allowing this time to see if the person does not abuse these kinds of requests.