How To Download A Free Youtube Video

Downloading YouTube videos allows you to view them on any device, with or without an internet connection, to include them in another video (with permission of the author) and much more!

It is relatively easy to download videos from the platform – even if the platform does not officially allow the practice – through online services.

In this quick tutorial we offer you to download your favorite YouTubes videos for free in a jiffy, on both PC and smartphone.

YouTube does not normally allow you to download videos to your computer or smartphone. Just there is an exception, limited in its use: the YouTube Premium subscription that allows you to view videos of your choice offline.

A download that you can only read in the official application. There are many valid reasons why you would like to download a video.

Be it yours, or have the author’s permission – or if the content in question is in the public domain or is accompanied by a Copyleft, Creative Commons license, or giving you permission to use the video as you see fit

There are applications and browser extensions that make it easy to do the job. But these are often accompanied by adware or other malware.

Fortunately, the method we are going to show you requires no installation and runs on any operating system as long as you can download files to it.

YouTube: How to Download Videos on PC, Mac or Android Smartphone

For that :

On iPhone and iPad: You will have to consult YouTubNow from the Documents by Readdle application which includes a browser allowing to download files in the memory of the smartphone.

Important: In some cases, if you choose an unavailable format, the site will offer you to download a program – it is not recommended to continue, simply choose another format and quality or try another video.

Other sites also allow you to download YouTube videos for free with the same method.

YouTubNow is not the only online service to download YouTube videos. You can also use one of the many download sites in exactly the same way, including:

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