Huawei: Trump Authorities Refused 130 Authorisations To Sell To The Manufacturer

Huawei is still prohibited from trading with American companies. Despite the relaxation promised by Donald Trump two months ago.

The U.S. Department of Commerce refused 130 applications for licenses from U.S based companies. Still on the blacklist, the Chinese manufacturer is still considered a threat to national security.

Last June, Donald Trump promised his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping to grant exemptions to American firms wishing to trade with Huawei.

Unfortunately, the President’s promises have not been translated into action. A few weeks later, Wilbur Ross, the government’s Secretary of Commerce, referred to a “deemed refusal”.

No licence applications have been granted.

Huawei Case: Washington Refuses All Licence Applications Despite Trump’s Promises

According to a Reuters report, the US Department of Commerce has received 130 licence applications since Trump’s last promises.

“No one on the executive knows what Trump wants and everyone is afraid to make a decision without knowing it,” says William Reinsch, former head of the Commerce Department.

For the time being, the status quo is therefore maintained. Under these conditions, Google could not grant an Android license to the Mate 30.

The smartphone will therefore have to be released without Google applications and services, including the Play Store.

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump suspended Huawei’s fate from the development of the trade war with China.

Until common ground is found, it is expected that the leader will not lift the sanctions. Trump wishes to keep the manufacturer as a bargaining chip in any negotiations.

As a reminder, Donald Trump even decided to increase customs duties on products imported from China starting in September.