Instagram: It Is Now Possible To Post On Multiple Accounts At Once

Instagram evolves and now offers some of its users post multicurrency. It is a function to post the same publication on several profiles simultaneously, reports Presse-Citron. This tool is currently reserved for iOS users.

The option has been put in place without any official announcement or update from Instagram. It should especially be valuable for “community managers” who must manage multiple accounts at the same time.

For the past two years, they have been able to switch from one account to another to facilitate their work.

“Regram” Is Not On The Agenda

To post on multiple profiles at once, users will simply have to check and uncheck the accounts on which they want the publication to appear.

“In the context of a multi-account post, the legend will be identical on both posts,” says Presse-Citron.

If Instagram has recently launched new features, such as tools for the visually impaired or the ability to send voice messages, others are slow.

Many Internet users, for example, look for the deployment of the “regram” function, similar to the “retweet” function on Twitter.

But the social network, owned by Facebook, announced that he was not working on this feature.

Moreover, no date concerning the generalization of multipost to Android users has been communicated.