NETFLIX Says Fortnite Is More Serious Than HBO

Netflix explains in its letter to investors that they feel more in competition with Fortnite than with HBO. An obviously provocative projection – the US pay channel still has a larger number of subscribers than Netflix. But the streaming platform is now growing very fast.

Fortnite, more serious competitor than HBO for Netflix? This is what the streaming platform says in its note to investors: “in the United States, we earn about 10% of screen time on television, a little less than the time of screens on mobile.

We save screen time for consumers, both mobile and TV, from a wide variety of competitors. We are competing against Fortnite (and we are losing) more than against HBO. ”

Netflix Now Sees Fortnite As A More Serious Competitor Than Hbo

Of course, speaking of Fortnite, Netflix makes a statement that does not really have to be: Fortnite is, after all, just a video game.

HBO, for its part is a pay TV bouquet mainly present in the United States and to a much lesser extent in markets like France via partnerships like the one with OCS.

Even if one understands, with his commentary around the game of Epic Games, that Netflix is ​​losing spectators to the public of Fortnite.

We can estimate that the phenomenon will be more limited in time than a frontal competition with a TV channel.

Especially HBO, to whom we owe global successes such as Games of Thrones series, Westworld, True Blood, The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, or Sex and the City to name a few. And who still has big projects of series in his cartoons like Confederate (by the directors of Game of Thrones).

But it’s impossible to deny that Netflix’s original creations like Stranger Things, Dark, House of Cards, Start Trek Discovery and Better Call Saul have made their mark.

And that these investments in original creations are largely responsible for the rapid growth in the number of Netflix subscribers.

As already noted in a CNBC article in October 2017, Netflix is ​​catching up quickly with its competitor HBO: the newspaper wrote that the platform had gained more subscribers in 1 year than the pay channel in 40 years.

What better to understand why Netflix thus allows to assert (without saying it directly) that HBO is now out of play.