Rennes: Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Win Your Sports Betting

Offering predictions and statistics, five tablets have been installed in tobacconists in Ille-et-Vilaine, France.

The Prediria start-up brings artificial intelligence to the world of sports betting. She installed tablets in tobacco bars of Ille-et-Vilaine to help the bettors in their choice. The tool offers predictions of victories and statistics on the game.

If you’re going to bet on the Sunday derby, know that FC Nantes has a 38% chance of winning and Stade Rennais 26%.

These percentages are not drawn from the ratings established by la Française des Jeux. They are the result of an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Prediria.

To establish these predictions, the start-up Rennes has passed the results and statistics of the matches of the five major European football leagues since 1993.

“For every game, the bettor has access to a victory percentage for such or such team and its statistics on their state of form.” said Yoann Boyère, co-founder of the company.

Bring The Bettors Back To The Tobacconists

The results are displayed on a tablet installed for a few days in five tobacco bars in Ille-et-Vilaine.

“This is an additional tool for punters who often use their smartphone in tobacco before validating their grid.” he said.

In test for two months, the device could then be deployed throughout the territory if the test is conclusive.

In addition to helping the bettors in their quest, Yoann Boyère also sees in his tool a way to bring them back to physical places.

“It brings usability and human touch. It is important. Especially since online gambling is not safe.” said Sylvie Kermeur, patron of Reinitas Rennes, the only tobacco in the Breton capital to be equipped with a tablet.

A site featuring Prediria’s predictions and statistics should also be posted in the coming months.