Samsung Galaxy Fold: The New Release Date Is Becoming Clear

After having been postponed many times, the commercial release of the Galaxy Fold would finally be dated. It won’t be long now.

2019 was to be the year of folding smartphones, thanks to the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.

Finally both devices were pushed back, and the Galaxy Fold is particularly known for having had design problems.

Despite a complete absence at Samsung’s last conference, and a slightly overfilled release schedule,

the manufacturer had promised us a release of the revised and corrected version of the Galaxy Fold in September.

Launch for the IFA

As the month approaches, South Korean news agency Yonhap says Samsung will prepare its new launch for September 6th.

This date marks the official opening of the IFA in Berlin. Samsung has not confirmed this date, but the sources on the Android Central site point to the same day for an exit from the device.

Worldwide Availability Now In Question

The release on September 6 seems to involve at least South Korea, but it is difficult to know at this time whether Samsung is preparing for a new international launch.

If the firm is targeting a launch at the IFA, chances are it will also announce the release date for Europe and the United States.

To avoid problems, the brand could this time opt for a gradual exit, country by country.