The Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Will Be A “Renaissance” According To Its Code Name

The code name of Samsung’s next connected watch is “Renaissance”. A name that says a lot about the future Galaxy Watch 2.

According to Samsung’s usual schedule, the South Korean manufacturer is expected to present a new watch connected to the Galaxy Note 10, or shortly thereafter, at the IFA 2019.

After the positioning changes initiated last year with the Galaxy Watch – which abandoned the “Gear” mention -, we can expect some major changes this year in order to try to catch up with the Apple Watch.

A “Renaissance” of The Rotating Dial?

According to SamMobile sources, generally well informed when it comes to Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 2 would be internally named “Renaissance”.

This name suggests that this new smartwatch could bring something new to the range and relaunch a series that lost one of its main differentiating points when the rotary dial was removed.

With the registration of the Touch Bezel and Touch Wheel brands, Samsung can be expected to incorporate a tactile variant of its rotating dial, allowing you to navigate through the menus by moving your finger around the edge of the screen. This would be a real renaissance of this principle that had inspired us so much on previous models.

So far, Samsung has not yet revealed any official information about its Galaxy Watch 2, but a presentation can be expected in early August at the Galaxy Note 10 conference.