Xiaomi Launches The Huami Amazfit GTS: An Apple Watch 4 That Lasts Two Weeks

Xiaomi has apparently struck again: the Huami subsidiary of the manufacturer has just announced a new smartwatch that looks like the Apple Watch Series 4.

However, with a big advantage over its competitor: the manufacturer has announced up to 14 days of standby!

Xiaomi has always shown a certain fascination for Apple – at the risk of often being loosely inspired by the design of its products.

We’ve already seen the firm do it on its computer line, or even with its first smartphones. But since Xiaomi seemed to have taken her own design direction on the whole of her lineup.

So that one might have thought that the firm had indeed finished with these practices, for the best: the firm’s latest products, taken together, are often more innovative than those of the Giant of Cupertino.

 Huami Amazfit Gts: Xiaomi Has Copied The Apple Watch 4 On Everything But The Not The Battery Life

However, it seems that apple products remain the reference for Xiaomi. As proof, the latest creation of its subsidiary Huami: a connected watch, the Amazfit GTS.

Let’s not go in four directions: this watch is a clone of the Apple Watch 4 with its square screen with rounded edges and its wheel evoking the digital crown of its competitor.

The only real difference is the disappearance of the side button and the absence of openings on one side of the case to let sound and voice through.

It does not incorporate an electro cardiogram sensor as on the latest iteration of the Apple Watch – but has a BioTracker pulse sensor, an NFC chip for transport and payments, as well as a GPS/GLONASS chip for geolocation and Bluetooth 5.0.

The housing is made of “aerospace grade” aluminum and waterproof to 5 ATM. It is also very light and a little thinner since it weighs 24.8 g for 9.4 mm thick compared to 48 g and 10.7 mm for the Apple Watch Series 4.

And despite its AMOLED display and 220 mAh battery, it has a battery life of up to 14 days. But as you can imagine, you have to read the statements written in small print.

This incredible autonomy is only achieved by deactivating certain features at the heart of the experience of a connected watch, such as GPS.

If you need to track your movements, the range then drops to only 25 hours – a little more than the official 18-hour range of the Apple Watch Series 4.

This smartwatch is currently only available for pre-order in China for 900 yuan, or about 117€ which is almost four times cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 4 whose price starts at 429 €. It is not yet known if and when it will be available in Europe or not.