YouTube application on iOS will move from one video to another by scanning the screen horizontally. After Facebook or Snapchat, it’s time for YouTube to deploy the stories mode on its application, reports Tubefilter.

Google’s video platform will now allow “swiper”, this simple horizontal gesture, to scroll through the videos.

Side Scan

Instead of going down to view the recommendations of the platform, users can swipe the screen to the left with their finger to view the next video. To go back to the previous video, it will be enough to make the same gesture but to the right.

In both cases, if a clip is not finished yet, the player will pick up where the user left off, says Tubefilter, who says the function has been tested since August.

70% Of Smartphone Viewing Time

Many applications have already developed the swipe. This navigation tool should enable YouTube to ensure its 1.8 billion users logged in a month better navigation.

The swipe is a tool dedicated to touch screens so mostly to smartphones and tablets. However, 70% of the viewing time on YouTube is done on smartphone.

The side swipe will only be available on the iOS app first. It should appear as early as this week. The horizontal scan will appear a little later on Android devices.

Late last year, Instragram sowed panic among its users by mistakenly testing the horizontal swipe.

A function that only had to be tested internally, while the network has always favored vertical navigation.